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How to maintain leather sofas in Singapore

Nov 29, 2018

Buying and maintaining a leather couch in Singapore doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s what you need to know!

Imagine sinking into the plushiest, cosiest couch in your snazzy new condo to watch your favourite Netflix series. What does that couch look and feel like in your prized apartment? If you’ve always been impartial to fabric sofas more than you do leather ones, it’s time you try something a little different. Here’s why:

1 | Leather breathes and ventilates better.

Have you ever found yourself hot and uncomfortable on a “leather” sofa? You may not be sitting on a genuine leather set! What you were sitting on was probably a synthetic leather set. Leather is just like skin, it’s breathable.</p> Leather breathes and it does that better than any synthetic materials. The natural pores in leather helps it to breathe and ventilate.

2 | Better for people with allergies and dust sensitivities.

Sure you’re equipped with your air purifier but fabric sofas are dust magnets whether you like it or not. Leather sofas are far easier to manage when you have allergies, eczema or if you’re prone to rashes or hives from dust. One wipe is all you need to get rid of the dust on the surface.Leather is also far more stain-resistant than fabric — it’s generally much easier to maintain!

3 | Cleaning made easy!

Instead of having the arduous task of removing the covers and such for your fabric sofa, cleaning a leather sofa when something spills is quick and easy. Maintaining the sofa to keep it looking good is quite simple too. Like your skin, it requires moisturizing. But don’t worry, you won’t have to slather your sofa daily like you do your skin, simply use a leather couch conditioner twice to thrice a year to moisturize and prevent cracks and you’re all set!

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